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Monday, 18 July 2016

A weekend mini break - plus Pokemon catching!

It's Monday which means back to work for me, which feels even more depressing this week because I had literately the best weekend! I had Friday booked off work, so on Thursday evening me and J hopped in the car with a small holdall and snacks and drove down to Cornwall! It's about a 3 and a half hour journey for us but we drove at night so there wasn't much traffic and with snacks and lots of music the journey went quickly!

We spent Friday morning in Port Isaac where the TV series Doc Martin was filmed, the village was lovely and very picturesque and it was so cool to see Doc Martins house and other buildings from the series, we spent the morning there and had some lunch and a cup of tea whilst looking out at the small beach.
In the afternoon we headed back to Bude where we were staying, it wasn't hot enough to go swimming in the sea but we had a long walk on the beach and paddled in the sea, it was really relaxing and I didn't want the day to end!

On Saturday we drove further South down Cornwall to visit my mom who lives there, the sun was shining all day and we sat in her garden catching up and sunbathing, it is so different in Cornwall compared to Birmingham, its peaceful and quiet and I always feel so much more relaxed when I am there!

Sunday we were back home and we had the first proper day of Summer we have had all year! A couple of our friends came round for brunch and we decided to go for a walk and also to catch Pokemon! Pokemon was like my whole childhood and when the app Pokemon Go came out I just HAD to get it. Unfortunately getting the app makes you instantly addicted and now I can't stop checking if there is Pokemon where ever I go! Anyway we went on a long walk (7 miles to be precise!) catching Pokemon and stopping every now and then for a drink at the local pubs, ice cream and lunch. It was such a lovely day, we had a good laugh, spent lots of time outdoors and just generally had lots of fun seeing which Pokemon we can find. Pokemon Go has had some bad press but I think as long as people act safely when playing it is a great app, it gets people outdoors and if playing with friends can be very social!

So the weekend was pretty much perfect the only downside is it went way too quick! Anyway I am off to stock up on tea and get through Monday morning, hope your weekend was as good as mine! Let me know what you got up to!


  1. Sounds and looks like a lovely place to visit! And you always got to catch those Pokémon!

    Want to follow each other? Comment on my blog if you do! :)

  2. It was, can't wait to go back! x