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Friday, 22 April 2016

A Perfect Night In!


After a busy week at work I am so glad it is finally Friday, and I am already counting down the hours until I am back home! There is nothing I love more on a Friday then a night in, I always feel so relaxed and refreshed when I wake up Saturday morning. I thought I would share with you my ideas for a perfect night in!

1. A nice relaxing bath - Nothing beats a soak in a hot bath to relax you, grab all your bath products, I love a lush bath bomb and put some music on or just relax with nothing but your thoughts. I always feel so much better after a bath!

2. Put on your comfiest clothes or Pajamas - There is no better feeling than being comfortable, put what ever you feel the most comfortable in on, nobody is going to see you so it doesn't matter what it is. Even doing just this can help you relax.

3. Watch a feel good film - Watch a film that makes you feel happy and good inside. I always choose to watch Disney films as they are my absolute favorite.


4. Do activities that help you relax - I absolutely love just sitting there with my coloring book, I find it so therapeutic and it's nice to be away from technology for an evening. I also knit sometimes which helps relax me. Do something you love that isn't stressful.


5. Food/Snacks - Have something you really fancy to eat, forget the calories just for one night and enjoy your favorite food or snacks. I believe food is one of the things that make people feel happiest, well it definitely is for me!

6. Pamper yourself - Whether it is just painting your nails or the whole shebang, pamper yourself and make yourself feel beautiful, if you feel good on the outside, the inside will feel a lot better too!

Hope this gives you some inspiration for a night in, if you have anything you do to help you relax, let me
know in the comments!


  1. nice post,i approve this is the perfect pamper night ever,great tips

  2. Thank you, some of my favorite things to do!