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Thursday, 14 April 2016

10 things I have learnt in 25 years!


I turned 25 in December and even though sometimes I still feel 18, I had a think about all the things I have learnt growing up that are actually helping me in life and thought I would put a list together for you!

1. Always trust your instincts - There has been so many times over my life I have felt like something wasn't right but I have ignored the feeling when I should have just listened. As I have got older I have listened to my instincts more often and they have normally turned out to be right.

2. Don't stay with someone you don't truly love - I was in a relationship for 4 years, and for the last year I realized I wasn't happy, I put other peoples feeling before my own as I didn't want to hurt anyone but in turn made myself really unhappy. The relationship ended and I felt so much happier and became a better me! The only regret is that I didn't end it sooner.

3. Wear what you want - I have been one to jump on the band wagon whenever a new fashion trend came along just to fit in. But as I have got older I choose what I want to wear and what makes me comfortable, I don't care what other people think. Sometimes if it happens to be something on trend then that's great, but its not my main priority.

4. Be spontaneous - There has been so many occasions over the years when I have been sitting at home on a Friday night and have been asked to go for a last minute night out but have refused. This is because I hadn't planned it. I always have a plan for the day week, month etc. and because of this have missed so many opportunities for great nights out and last minute holidays. The last year I have been saying yes a lot more, and just going with the flow and have had so many great nights/days because of this.

5. Keep in touch with friends - As you get older your friend list seems to get smaller, this sometimes can not be helped, people grow and change and sometimes the friendship fizzles out. But I have learnt that trying to keep in touch with people even if its just texting them once a week, really helps to remain close to that person and keep them in your life.

6. Be positive - This one sounds like such a cliche but it really does work. Think about your goals in a positive light, and always looks at the positive side of things. Sometimes just thinking positive things can make positive things happen.

7. Don't dwell on the past - I feel a little hypocritical putting this one down because it's only been very recently I have started not to do this. Before I would think about things that had happened in the past and regrets I had and would get emotional. Lately I have been trying not to do this, I have been trying to look at things I am excited for in the future instead, this one is still a learning curve for me but I think if you can master this, your mind will feel much happier.

8.Everybody is different and that's OK - There has been many times over the years I have looked at celebrities and the last few years other women on Instagram and thought I wish my figure was like that, I wish I was as pretty as her etc. Lately I have felt more confident in who I am, everyone looks different, but everyone is beautiful in there own way, don't waste your life being unhappy with who you are, accept who you are and embrace it.

9. No news is good news - In the last 2 years I have tried not to watch or read the news as much as possible. Yes you need to know whats going on sometimes, especially if it involves major stuff happening where you live. But reading/listening about all the bad things that happen daily can have such a negative impact on your mind. Since avoiding the news I have felt much more happier. I know bad things happen and you can't bury your head in the sand but there is no reason to be thinking about these bad things all the time.

10.Do what makes you happy - The final thing I have learnt is to try to do what makes you happy, your happiness should come first and you should think about this when making decisions. Too many people I know stay in jobs they don't like, or stay with people they don't like because they don't want to make other people unhappy. Try to put yourself first, and do what makes you happy, life is much better when you are!


  1. This is such a lovely post :) I completely agree with the whole avoiding the news thing! Watching the news literally ruins my day! Such a positive post :) xxx

  2. Ah thank you, glad you enjoyed it! :) xx